Unnecessary Complications

Maybe we do complicate things unnecessarily. Maybe a lot of issues could have been ironed out if we were just mature enough to actually deal with the situation instead of waiting for the other person to realize and make the first move. Maybe disasters with people could have been avoided if we drew the line and stayed on our side of the line.Maybe. Just maybe.

I could be wrong. Ofc, there are forces we can’t reckon with, but within the scope of what we actually are capable of doing and deciding for ourselves is a field of options that actually can’t go wrong unless we deliberately choose to go there and most of the time, we do. Didn’t want to fail the exam? Why did you waste your time on Facebook the night before? Got your girlfriend pregnant? Why didn’t you use contraceptives?

Anyway, my point is: maybe things are actually quite simple if we don’t complicate them unnecessarily.

Kung gusto, gusto. Kung dili, dili. (If you want it, you want it. If you don’t, you don’t.)

Move on.


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