The traffic lights in my city haven’t been functioning in a while now because of their on going repair and maintenance. As a commuter and a driver, crossing intersections is a risk. A calculated risk. Many times I find myself wondering if I made the right decision of crossing at such a time when the approaching vehicle shows no sign of slowing down. When I finally reach the other side, I sigh in relief thanking God for leading me safely. Calculated risks. How many times in a day do we gamble our lives with people who do not even give a damn about us? How many times do we pause to grasp the reality that the driver inside the car has the choice to keep going regardless of the passing pedestrian but decided against it? Let that sink in. We just entrusted our very lives to the person behind the steering wheel whom we may never even get the chance to talk to. We consume food from establishments trusting them that they haven’t poisoned our food. We sit side by side with strangers in the jeepney trusting them that they wouldn’t steal from our bags. We give a little piece of ourselves to others fully aware that these people can betray us but nevertheless we trust them that they wouldn’t.


It’s an everyday decision we make.

It’s a calculated risk we take.

There are no guarantees and anything can happen. But we still trust. We still hope. We still look forward for a better tomorrow even when we don’t if we’ll make it the next day. We take it. It’s what keeps us alive.


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