Sometimes I just don’t get the reason for maintaining all these social media accounts. What is with this constant need for approval/attention/update? Why do we feel this constant nagging need to say/share/post something?

Not that I’m judging anyone. Even I feel the need to constantly be online and up to date with other people’s lives. It shames me to admit how lately I’ve been waking up to the thought of needing to go online. And yes, sadly, I do go online almost immediately with my phone just lying inches away from me.

Three weeks in the mountain has made me realize a whole lot about what has become of conversations in this era. With no computer, internet, television, signal or electricity, I have experienced what it truly means to be with people.  Yeah, sure. We are with people physically, but are we truly there mentally or are we somewhere lost in cyber space as we fiddle with our smart phones scrolling through dashboards and newsfeeds while nodding, uh-huhing or glancing at the person we’re with occasionally to keep the facade of being present going? In the mountain, I have experienced the almost rare luxury of giving someone my full attention and receiving it the same way in return. I really was able to sit and talk with people without having to constantly look at my phone while waiting for time to pass…  because without all these technology (distractions), there wasn’t really anything much to do but talk to each other. Time there really took time– a day away from civilization really felt like twenty-four hours. Here in the city, I can’t even feel the day. It’s like everything is fast-forward. It surprises me still how it’s already been a week since we left Negros.

In the future, if the Lord wills that I have a family of my own, I want to make occasional mountain trekking a family tradition. I may not be able to completely take technology’s influence on my children, but I can take my children away from technology. I want them to experience life away from civilization even for just a while. Resorts and outings just won’t do. To be in the mountain and experience nature as it is is an entirely different experience. I may have said back then that I wouldn’t want to do the whole tent life experience again, but in retrospect I realize, I wouldn’t mind another climb at all. It’s difficult, yes. Inconvenient, definitely. But it is refreshing.

It is worth it. 

The escape is so worth the climb.

Thank you, Mt. Kanlaon. Thank you for the experience. I’ll be back, Lord-willing.  



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