When the time comes, I want a love that took its time to happen– a gradual transition from friendship to romance. A patient love that waited until the time is right rather than jumping recklessly about unmindful of repercussions. I want a love as quiet as a flowing stream– constant and unchanging.

I want a love that loves and yet holds back bearing in mind the more important things. I want a love that respected boundaries– the gentle kind of love that waited for me to come instead of forcefully pulling me away. I want an undemanding love that allows me the freedom to decide instead of forcing me into making untimely decisions. I want a love that protects even if it meant not having for the time being.

Above all, I want a love ordained by God Himself– a love I didn’t craft for myself nor did he insist to have. I desire a love composed by the Creator of the Universe in which he and I are just musicians playing the notes on the sheet.

God, I don’t know when love will come my way… I don’t even know if it even will, but until then, guard my heart. I cannot do it. If I should fall in love, God, let it be with the person I am to spend the rest of my life with. Until then, teach me to truly love You. Teach me to be content in You. Amen.


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