Invest too much and you get hurt. Invest too little and you hurt others.

Open up too much and they get too familiar. Open up too little and you isolate yourself.

Joke too much and they don’t take you seriously. Joke too little and they get intimidated by you.

Care too much and they get choked. Care too little and they despise you.

Involve too much and they take you for granted. Involve too little and they exclude you.

How in the world do you find balance in these when it doesn’t take much for one to tread towards one end or the other?

You can’t. It is impossible to remain neutral on our own.

I am learning a lot of things these past three weeks; none of which have I anticipated to come. I am overwhelmed. I have conflicting desires. Nevertheless, I thank God for rescuing me and protecting me when I was blindly walking towards my demise. He has remained faithful even when I haven’t.

Thank You, God.


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