A Gift

It was about a year ago when our church’s previous intern pastor had his farewell party. I don’t remember much about the entire thing only that at the end of it, the pastoral team gave him a farewell present.

It was a medium-sized box wrapped in fancy paper. At a glance, you wouldn’t be able to guess what the content would be. When he unwrapped the paper, lo and behold, printed on the box was a famous laptop brand. Of course he was overwhelmed. I mean, a laptop! Who wouldn’t be happy to receive a laptop? When he proceeded to open the box, inside it held a Bible.

Honestly, I couldn’t help but feel slightly dismayed. What amazed me though was his reaction upon seeing the Bible: his face still showed the same expression of happiness even though what was inside the box was completely different from what he had expected it to be.

It took me a year to understand why he responded that way. It took me a year to appreciate God’s Word. Thank You, God. It is only by Your grace.


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