It always amuses me when I see people pining for good looking men and women and saying things like ‘omg I want to marry him/her’ solely on their looks.

Growing up I realize: looks aren’t everything.

It’s good to be with someone good looking, but that alone won’t sustain a relationship. Yes, it can pay the bills, but it won’t keep the marriage strong. More than a person’s physical appearance, godliness, character, virtues, beliefs, and principles are among the many things we ought to consider when choosing a spouse.

Looks fade.

Even the most good looking people grow old and gray.

A person with godly character– that is the person you should want to spend your life with. A person that loves Christ more than anything else in this world– even more than his life– that is who we should pine for. More importantly, that is the kind of person we ourselves should aim to be.


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