It is easy to fall in love with a picture or a painting.

The thing with them is that though they are pretty, they are framed and uncandid. We only get to see the things we are permitted to see. And in our heads, we often have the mistake of highlighting the things we like best in them to the point of neglecting other aspects of them.  Sometimes, we don’t even realize what we’re doing.

We don’t realize that while the picture memorializes the beauty of a moment, it is still only but a portion of the entire landscape. It is a different experience to behold a picture. It is different still to be in that place and bask and enjoy the wonder yourself. It is only when you get there and up close that you see that to the right of that photo lies a barren patch of land or that the warm inviting glow in the picture, in reality, burned like hell on our skins. The same thing goes for people.

The same thing applies to you.

This is therapy for me… to see you in a different light without the constrain of agenda and formalities. Our frequent interactions as of late have begun to complete the picture of you in my head with your quirks and your flaws. You laugh at random things, lose your cool sometimes a little too quickly. You grow quiet when you’re bored. Sometimes, you don’t even try.

You are human nevertheless.

I enjoy the scenery, but I can’t say I’m not beginning to get used to you… much like how a performance ceases to become a spectacle after watching it again and again.

That is good, I guess.

I’m glad.


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