After what seemed to her was a successful postponement of thoughts, the thoughts come back to her once more and lingered. They lingered until she could no longer push them away. Slowly, like the dawning of a new day, the thoughts unfolded before her and immersed her and she had no choice but to address them. Cautiously. Bit by bit.

Something had been missing and It was calling her. It whispers in her ears night and day, inviting her to return home and reminding her that refuge was but only a breath away and that she was welcome to return anytime. But she was stubborn and would not move; she had sought of other loves to console her withering heart and in this barren desert of despair and hopelessness is where her loves have left her. They have caught her attention only to leave her feeling emptier than she had been in the beginning.

But ultimately she knew where the thoughts were bringing her. She knew where she must go. She had felt the pangs of longing and they have crippled her– reduced her to walking, talking, and breathing piece of architecture and nothing more than that. 

She knew Someone was waiting for her on the other side from where she came from. She knew He was there and was always there. Waiting. 

At that she took a step back and sprinted towards the opposite the direction– back to where He was, back to where she should be.


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