Jesus Reigns!

I attended a nationwide simultaneous worship event yesterday in our city amphitheater and all I can say about it is wow.


The experience is nothing like I’ve ever had before. I’ve never worshipped the Lord in such a huge open space area along with so many different peoples from the Christian denominations in our city. Everyone was just singing their hearts out with arms stretched to the heavens praising Jesus and singing of His wonderful love. The hairs on my arms kept stood the whole duration of the praise and worship… so much more when we chanted Jesus’ name at the top of our lungs. It was just…amazing. Putting into words what I felt in those moments just won’t bring justice to the feeling.


I can just imagine what the scene in heaven would look like when all Christians finally get to go home. It would be a million times more amazing than what I had experienced yesterday, not to mention the fact that we will be singing praises and worshipping in the audience of the King of kings Himself! What a sight would that to behold!

I can’t wait to worship the Lord Of Heaven with my brothers and sisters in Christ from all tribes of the world on that glorious day! How I wish it were sooner!

Thank You, Father, for the freedom of worship You have given us. Indeed we are blessed to worship you as freely and as bounded as this. Thank you, God! Thank you, Jesus, for saving me! I know You’re there. I know you’re looking down on your children from Your throne in Heaven. I know you hear us– you hear me. I believe that You are not a piece of literature written two thousand years ago; You are alive! You are the King of this city! You are the king of this nation! You are the King of this earth! You are the King of the universe and You are coming back soon to take Your children home. I cannot wait for it!


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