I’m not a touchy person.

Back in high school I used to have this huge personal space which even my close friends are not welcome to invade.

photo not mine

I rarely touch other people when I talk to them and I always make sure I keep a space between myself and other people as often as possible. I don’t usually give hugs or kisses unless you are family or there is a special occasion and courtesy demands the gesture, e.g., birthdays, weddings, funerals.

Over time I have managed to learn how to subtlety remove an arm from my shoulder when a friend puts it around me and send the appropriate signal to convey that while I am not comfortable with the gesture, I still like the person as a friend. Eventually, the number of hugs and touch I receive from my friends decreased. And I was left comfortable in my hamster ball, devoid of human contact.

All of that changed when I entered college though.

My once comfortable hamster ball was blatantly and consistently invaded by some of the girls in block (whom I got to be really good friends with) who apparently had no qualms with hugging (and kissing!) other people. It was an entirely new environment for me.

I thought they would stop eventually, but I was wrong.

These girls seemed indifferent with my subtle protests and continued to go ahead with the routine of kissing or hugging every time we saw each other and when we went home.

To make the long story, it was me who eventually got used to it. And to be honest, when I think about it, I realize touching isn’t so bad after all. I actually feel thankful for them for desensitizing me of my dislike for unnecessary human contact. No, I haven’t become touchy now, but I have learned to welcome the hugs and touch I am given. And on rare occasions, I have learned to ask for them and give them without a second thought.

I’m still on the hugging part though.

Hugs are good.

I like hugs. :3


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