I wish I could accurately write about how your eyes are like the stars and how beautiful they are when they light up every time you speak of something that you really love or how lovely your smile is when something touches your heart and you melt inside or how enchanting the waves of your hair are and how its color perfectly complements the tone of your skin. I wish I can describe to you how your voice sounds to my ear and how you make me want to listen to you all day long.

I wish I could tailor words perfectly to depict you and what you are able to make me feel.

But I am no poet.

I cannot write of you the way photographers could capture the beauty of a sunrise and I do not want to reduce you to a bunch of words I have so meagerly assembled together.

But darling, know that you are beautiful.

In many ways.

Even without you trying.

And I hope that that is enough for you to somehow believe in the beauty that I see in you.

J. D. 11/10/14


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