(Obligatory) Sem-end Post

This post is long overdue but whatever- I’m pursuing this nonetheless.

First semester of S.Y. 2014-2015 has FINALLY (I cannot emphasize that enough) come to an end and, man, was it an exhausting semester– physically, emotionally, spiritually, academically. It was one bludgeoning after another. I’m amazed at how I was able to survive the entire semester without losing my sanity.

The Lord’s grace is indeed sufficient.

If it weren’t for His unfailing grace, I probably wouldn’t be here in my room writing this blogpost about His faithfulness this semester. I may not have realized it when it was all happening, but in retrospect, it was all God’s grace and grace alone. It was by His grace that this battered heart of mine continues to beat despite the heartaches, drawbacks and discouragements that had come along my way. It was by His grace that I persevered even though escape was so tempting an option.

His grace has brought me safe this far and it will still be His grace that will lead me farther and eventually, home.

All glory belongs to Him alone.


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