I had the worst stomach ache this morning. I really thought I was getting hospitalised for it or worse: die because of it.

And then, while in pain, I realized what a pathetic way it was to die. I didn’t die for a Cause greater than myself. I didn’t die smiling knowing that I have given my life to Something that meant the world to me. I died of self negligence.

I even found the last things I did in my life prior to that moment useless. If I were to die right now, I wish I can leave something people can benefit from and not just remnants of how selfish a person I was.

Nonetheless, I praise God I’m alive. I praise God for healing.

I suppose this is why we are told to make the most of every opportunity– death and opportunity are always just around the corner. And nothing sucks more than realizing that the only things we’ve lived our lives for is ourselves.

There is a greater Cause for living. Let us not be distracted. Let us also take care of ourselves; our bodies are not ours.

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus. He alone is worth both living and dying for.


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