I came back to that place again today.

It’s been a while since then but I haven’t forgotten yet; there’s so much to remember, so much to return to.

I came back and like torrents of water, memories came flashing through, one after the other. Willingly, I went along with it. I walked the paths we once walked, reminisced the things we once shared.

But you were not there.

I kept looking for you in the crowd, in the street. If only I could turn back time. But I can’t. I can’t change what already is. I can’t have you again with me.

You’re just not there.

It’s not like I didn’t see it coming though; I knew it all along but I still chose to hold on to that tiny bit of hope that somehow, the heavens would conspire and I’d find you there… waiting for me. I suppose my time with you had passed.

I left the place after a while.

I promise you, I would’ve waited longer but what point is there in waiting for something that’s never coming? There’s nothing there for me anymore, I know that. You’d never be there even if I waited longer.

I left looking back tearfully and resolved to let you go.

You have made me happy in the short time we had together. I will never forget you, umbrella.



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