Circumstances in my life have conspired to teach me that change is inevitable and as much as we want to hold on to people, to things, to memories, to what once was, we’re better off learning to let them go. It’s not easy, I know. But the thing is, the more we hold on to them, the more we are weighed down. The more we are weighed down, the more painful it is for us.

We can endure them, yes, but we can’t do it forever- a person can only endure so much before he finally decides that he has had enough.

Circumstances change. People change. The things we both like and dislike change. We can wish all our lives for things to stay the same but they never do; everything is just headed there. And if we don’t learn to adapt to these changes, it’s still going to be us who would suffer the repercussions.

It’s going to get better though. Eventually.

It always does.

And just like when the sun comes unannounced in the horizon after what seemed like an eternal night, we’ll know it when it happens: we’ll know that it’s finally a new day.


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