Like Crazy

It’s an hour past midnight and instead of diving into bed I am here wide awake staring at my laptop screen letting the words in my head (which by the way resounds in my brain in a somewhat fluent British accent) ooze out from fingertips to this blog post.

I just finished watching the movie Like Crazy and it was actually quite crazy.

I’m usually a sucker for realistic romance movies but with this one I could barely go through a scene without thinking of just skipping towards the end. Frankly, I found it boring and it wasn’t as heartbreaking as I expected it to be. There were moments when I did feel remotely sad when their blissful moments together were always somehow seemed to be rudely interrupted by life, but most of the time their relationship to me just seemed desperate and constraining.

What hit me most in this movie though was the characters of Sam and Simon, Jacob and Anna’s respective flings while they were away from each other. The way their relationships with them turned out made me realize how much disservice it causes another person when relationships are formed and sustained with motives other than love and in their cases they were with those other people out of loneliness. What irked me more was Sam and Simon’s genuine love and attachment for both Jacob and Anna.

This is exactly why relationships shouldn’t be formed based on loneliness or anything other than love for that matter. It sustains the relationship for a while– two people comforting each other and making each other less lonely– but ultimately when the loneliness goes away, when life brings along new people, chances are the relationship crumbles down too. I wouldn’t even call a relationship like that love. It looks a lot like love but it’s plain lust and selfishness. And relationships as such almost always end up hurting one or the other or maybe both. There’s just no escape.

But anyway, that’s just what I think. I give this movie a 2/5 despite its otherwise good reviews.

Maybe I just didn’t connect to the characters or to the story. Or maybe romance movies aren’t my thing anymore may they be romcoms or realistic.

Should this review spark interest in you, dear reader, I say: go ahead and give it a try. You might just like how raw and true-to-life the movie is.

Aw, man. I wish I watched Mary Poppins instead.


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