One of the things that struck me most in a student organization I’ve recently joined is their peculiar tendency to stereotype people based on Galen’s Theory of Temperaments.

I have nothing against their habitual stereotyping. In fact, I’ve found it an efficient method for understanding people and why they behave the way they behave and through such information the group leader (for we members are each assigned a group) can then adjust to meet the need of his members according to their temperament and strategize plans to fully realize each member’s potentials in order to accomplish goals.

But I admit: I am often unsettled though at the frequency to which the temperaments are used to define people.

I just find it strange how easily they categorize people as if they were factory products. Aren’t people more than that? And most of the time what repulses me more is when they use the temperaments as an excuse for why they behaved the way did or why they are the way they are. A friend in high school used to say, “Do not use your personality as an excuse because it can be changed.” Exactly. Furthermore, there are many other factors affecting a person’s behavior and not just those four temperaments.

Anyway, so where is all of these leading to?

What prompted me to write this post was when I edited the About Me section of my Twitter account and realized upon trying replace the Mel-Phleg that I previously wrote in there that I wasn’t quite sure which temperament I now presently have.

And then almost instantly it occurred me that perhaps it didn’t really matter.

I am under construction after all.

A work in progress.

God is still not finished with me yet and to His glory, He will continue His work in me until completion.

Until then it doesn’t really matter which temperament I was.


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