Rose-colored Glasses

While it does feel like another feather added in my cap, at times I fear the responsibility entailed when a person opens up to me.

It seems to me that once a person puts his walls down and reveals the true person he is behind the mask, the deal is sealed– I am now accountable to that person.  Make no mistake: I am not afraid of accountability. I may not be the best giver of pieces of advice, but I am a good shoulder to cry on, a good listening ear.

The thing is, I look at life often in rose-colored glasses; I always tend to think that life is going well for everyone I know because I don’t see it otherwise. Which is why it often comes to me as a surprise when people I’ve known for long comes to me and pour their hearts out.

I really would’ve never thought twice, you know?

I suppose this is the reason why we ought to look twice at people because most of them aren’t really what they seem and sometimes, all they need is someone who’d take the time to ask if there was wrong. And maybe, just maybe, we could be of any help to them.


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