OPM I’ve Been Listening (or Listened) to

1. Dati (Before) – Sam Concepcion & Tippy Dos Santos feat. Quest
I liked this song for personal reasons a few months ago when I first came across it, but listening to it again now, it’s actually really pretty good. I like how the techno-ish feel to it perfectly matches the song’s melody. It’s a song reminiscing the childhood years of two close friends (a guy and a girl) which time and distance have brought apart. It’s a sad song despite it’s upbeat feel because it talks about how the girl and guy’s feelings for each other haven’t changed even if times and circumstances have and how both of them desire for things to go back to the way they were before. The song ends with both of them confessing that they have always loved each other all those years but resigning to the reality that a future of them being together in the end will remain a dream as it had always before.

2. Huling Sayaw (Last Dance) – Kamikazee feat. Kyla
This song actually came as a surprise to me when I first heard it because it was my first time to hear something as sentimental as this from a rock band. Yep, Kamikazee is a rock band in my country, but, boy, does this song stir something within me. This is a parting song of two lovers, both of whom promise to give the relationship all they’ve got one last time, before ceremoniously ending their relationship.

3. Hiling (Wish) – Silent Sanctuary
This be my favorite senti song in high school. It no longer has the same effect on me as it did back then, but it still hasn’t lost the beauty which captivated me in the first place. The song tells the story of two estranged lovers and how one of them still misses the other despite the breakup. It’s a sad song as it offers no redemption in the end, but I suppose that is what makes this song beautiful.

4. Dahan-Dahan (Take it Slow) – Maja Salvador
The singer’s sultry voice suggests something else in an otherwise seemingly innocent song portraying a relationship in which she asks if they could take things slow. The song begins slow with a somewhat sexy tone slowly infused with consistent beats that makes the song dance-able.

5. Ikot-Ikot (Going Round in Circles) – Sarah Geronimo
This song is basically about a relationship going round in circles, hence the title. I like this more than the previous song. It has a cool feel to it with its insistent beat complementing the piano and the bass. I didn’t get to appreciate this at first, but after having listened to it properly today, it’s actually pretty cool.



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