Utlanan, n. border, borderline, or boundary.

I’ve come to realize that people fear the responsibility– and pain– that came with establishing rightful jurisdictions when it came to relationships. Instead of properly laying out the domains of such affiliation, i.e., define the relationship, we  allow ourselves to  revel with what pleasure we can obtain from that blurred line– or lack thereof– and settle for ambiguity. And when things don’t work out as expected, we just go back to our own sides of the fence a little bruised but, well, secured. After all no commitment had been made. Playing things safe, in other words.

But I suppose there are times when we do need to stop being content with blurred lines and draw the line.

Only then can it be made clear where things really do stand.

Only then can the parties involved decide whether to stay on their side of the fence or do otherwise.

Crossing the fence and establishing intentions offer no guarantee of safety though. Nothing really does.

After all, to love is to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable is to risk oneself.

I decide to draw the line tonight though. It’s a little too late, but I suppose it still needs to be done.




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