The Fault in Our Stars



I just finished watching the movie adaptation of John Green’s best selling novel The Fault in Our Stars and to be honest, being an avid fan of the book, it did not exactly reach my expectations. It was fine. Cute, at times. Humorous and light at the beginning and pretty much faithful to the dialogues and lines of the book. It was a bit fast-paced and though they didn’t include a few somewhat important-ish details from the book (like Hazel Grace’s best friend or the swing set online ad or the Caroline Mathers story), I guess it turned out okay nevertheless.It was okay, to sum it up.

Not great. Just okay.

I was actually hoping to shed some tears at Gus’ death or somewhere towards the end, but the tears just didn’t come. I guess it’s because I was holding on to the Augustus I had in my head the whole time I was watching the movie. Don’t get me wrong, Ansel Elgort is a fine actor. He just wasn’t my Augustus. He was just, well, Ansel. I don’t know. I just wasn’t able to connect with the characters– even with Hazel Grace. I saw her most of the time as Aimee Finicky and I didn’t even finish watching The Spectacular Now.

The book is good though. It was one of my favorites.


Because I don’t hold the same regard for it as I did a few months ago. I still think it’s a good book (I read it like three times and cried buckets again and again) and I still enjoy reading tear-jerkers but it’s not my cup of tea anymore. (I blame The Kite Runner for this.)

Anyway, if you’re up for some witty, humor-filled, tear-jerking romance YA book, The Fault in Our Stars is the book for you.


Oh, and one last thing, be warned: you will fall for Augustus Waters.

Rating: 4.5/5


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